Kate’s Handwriting at Ocean Club Crèche looks like a forgery

The handwriting in the creche records for the  days that Madeleine was signed into the child care facility at the Ocean Club resort offer many clues to suggest that the records are forgeries.

Prior to the McCanns’ holiday in Portugal in that ill-fated first week of May 2007, we seemed to have no independent records of Kate and Gerry’s handwriting to compare with the creche records.

However, two known examples of handwriting exist and both were supplied by the McCanns courtesy of their home videos.

The first example comes from the Christmas 2007 video where we see Madeleine handing Kate a present that bears a card with the text:

To Sean

Merry Christmas

Love from


& Amelie

Here is a still from the Christmas 2007 appeal video.

The card on the Christmas present at Christmas 2006 and shown in the McCanns' Christmas 2007 appeal video. The video is clearly from a time that predates the fateful trip in Portugal.

This is the word 'Madeleine' magnified from the previous picture.

There are four examples of the word “Madeleine” in the creche records where Madeleine was allegedly signed in and signed out. The four examples do not look like faithful copies all written by the same hand but it is worthwhile looking at them together.

Four versions of the way Kate Healy allegedly wrote 'Madeleine' in the creche records.

The other example of the name “Madeleine” comes from the Madeleine Was Here documentary made by Mentorn Media. This video was also used, in part, by Oprah Winfrey on her interview with the McCanns two years after Madeleine’s disappearance (May 2009). We catch a glimpse of Kate’s handwriting when she shows us some pictures that Madeleine drew after the family trip to Donegal in April 2007.

A section of the picture on the wall in the McCanns' kitchen in Rothley. Kate shows us a picture that bears the text 'Madeleine - Donegal / Easter 2007'.

The picture of the train on a track may have been contemporary to the trip in Donegal in  April 2007. However, there is no way to reliably know the date when Kate wrote “Madeleine – Donegal / Easter 2007” at the foot of the picture.

As the word “Madeleine” here is clearly different to the handwriting on the Christmas 2006 gift, it is a mystery as to which version of the handwriting is the natural one.

What is interesting is that the version on the kitchen wall looks more like the four versions in Praia da Luz but even that has some basic differences. Look at the lower case “a” for example. It is consistently written the same way in “Madeleine” and in “Donegal” but it is written completely different in the word “Easter”. If anything, the handwriting looks like it has been made to match the strange writing in the creche records whereas the Christmas 2006 version looks the most natural of all.

The word 'Madeleine' magnified from the Donegal/Easter picture.

While the creche records and handwriting analysis may not solve the mystery of Madeleine McCann’s disappearance, it is almost certain that there is some falsification of one or more of the entries in the creche records.

A doctor’s handwriting is notoriously bad to read but in this case the writing is perfectly legible – it just lacks authenticity due to poor repeatability.

Read more about this topic in “Interesting Details From the Files” in Faked Abduction.

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  1. chris says:

    If the McCanns took part in an abduction, killing or murder of their own child, they would have got away with it by now, because the Portuguese police closed the investigation. The ONLY reason an investigation is still going on is because of them. As long as an investigation is going on, the McCanns face getting caught. For this reason, I doubt the McCanns had anything to do with it.

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