Faked Abduction visits Rothley

Faked Abduction goes to Rothley on May 18, 2011.

The ancient 'Templar' village of Rothley, Leicestershire.

The War Memorial, Rothley, opposite the Royal Oak pub.

The War Memorial became a shrine for Madeleine in the summer of 2007.

The Rothley Court Hotel - scene of many interviews.

The endless pursuit of truth for Madeleine McCann...

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  1. Mega Fund says:

    What a Genius idea!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’d seen this earlier today, somewhere at a quick glance thinking it was a satirical FAKED photo 😉 It isn’t!!!!! Shared onto The Lost Marketing Ploy blog.
    Many Cheers! Mega.

    ps. please check your site mails, an all-in-one 😉

  2. KaOssis says:

    I raved with laughter when I saw these photos, especially the one outside the Royal Court Hotel in Rothley, home of the Freemasons, I instantly thought, this is one hell of a kick up the buttlayer’s back yard… ooh, that must be painful for them, hahahhaha!

    Well done, hehehe!

  3. Cyr Jimenez says:

    I can’t believe that nobody seems to have noticed Gerry’s blundering answer when, shortly after Madeleine’s ‘disappearance’, a reporter asked him. This is on record.
    Q: ‘What is the purpose of the fund?’
    R: It is to continue looking for Madeleine after the official search ends.
    He was sure that none of the efforts of the Portuguese Authorities, Polícia Judiciária, Polícia de Segurança Pública, Polícia Marítima, etc. did stand a cat in hell chance of finding the unfortunate child.
    The McCanns are the only people that NEVER looked for Madeleine/

  4. Cyr Jimenez says:

    I have said that the McCanns NEVER looked for Madeleine because, while their friends were knocking on doors waking up the dead that evening asking everybody to look for the little girl that ‘had been abducted’, it was later established that her parents never moved from their apartment but were busy deleting compromising calls from their mobiles. (This is on record too).
    When it was generally felt that the McCanns were not doing enough to find Madeleine and no Portuguese detective agency would touch them, they resorted to a well-known Barcelona Agency to which they paid a substantial sum (€50,000 from memory. It was not their money, was it?). The Agency immediately made a big song and dance of informing the world that they knew Madeleine was being held in Morocco and they were going to get her. I was furious. It took me a while but in the end I managed to speak to the Managing Director in clear Spanish. I asked how was it that a Detective Agency of their standing could make such a ridiculous assertion making it known ‘they knew Madeleine was held in Morocco and they were going to get her’. He tried to wriggle out of it but in the end he said ‘DON’T ASK ME. THAT’S THE PARENTS STRATEGY’.
    I am in no doubt that the truth will be known and Justice will be done IN THE END. It is doubly unfortunate that the ‘incident’ took place at the start of the Algarve tourist season so crucial for the Portuguese economy. Otherwise the Judiciária would have cut out all the pussyfooting from the outset.

  5. PeterMac says:

    Cyr Jimenez. Is there any way you could contact me ? Si querria hablar en español, pues bien. Vivo en ronda.

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