The Book Contents

The Book Contents

Here is the chapter listing:

  • British Establishment Cover-ups
  • Maddie: A Name the Media Invented
  • The Police Conclusions
  • How the Story Unfolded
  • Experts in Propaganda
  • The Locations and People
  • A Neighbor Hears Crying
  • An Obsession with Lawyers
  • The Five Photographs
  • Payne & McCann Allegations
  • Dogs Don’t Lie
  • The Weekend of June 9 – 10
  • McCanns on the Oprah Show
  • Letter to the Madeleine Fund
  • Gerry’s Blogs and Kate’s Diary
  • The Official Fund
  • The Arguido Interviews
  • Dealing with a Corpse
  • Flaws in Gonçalo Amaral’s thesis
  • Interesting Details from the Files
  • The Author’s Conclusions


  • Appendix A: Timeline 2007-2010
  • Appendix B: Timeline May 3, 2007
  • Appendix C: Tavares Almeida’s Report
  • Appendix D: Mark Harrison’s Report
  • Appendix E: Martin Grime’s Profile
  • Appendix F: Documentaries & Interviews
  • Appendix G: Kate Healy’s Bible
  • Appendix H: Justice Hogg’s Judgment

A few book Highlights:

  • Copious footnotes and cross references to verify sources
  • Correspondence from Peter McCann of Castle Craig about his relationship with Gerry McCann
  • The statements deliberately held back from the Portuguese police by Leicester Constabulary
  • The blatant discrepancies in the Tapas Nine witness statements
  • Jane Tanner’s conflicting statements
  • Did Kate falsify legal documents?
  • Where did Gonçalo Amaral go wrong?
  • Correspondence from the Masonic law firm entrusted with setting up Madeleine’s Fund
  • Gordon Brown’s wife and the fellow Bristol University graduate behind the Madeleine Fund
  • Information about other appalling British Establishment cover ups including Dunblane, Omagh and the recent shock Hollie Greig case

But remember…

According to Clarence Mitchell in the Sun newspaper on January 27, 2010, all the allegations in Faked Abduction are entirely untrue.

Read it for yourself.

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  1. jkh says:

    Funny how Clarence said “all the allegations in Faked Abduction are entirely untrue” – before it was even in print.

    It’s a bit like when he said “There is a wholly innocent explanation for any material the police may or may not have found” before news of bodily fluids in the back of the car was released.


    Mitchells words should nicely bolster the circulation figures. For that I am eternally grateful both to the man and to his wicked words.

    The cadaver trails through the village should be a fascinating read.

    Quite as to how the McCanns are now going to explain away the cadaver scent found in Madeleines bed. Perhaps the McCanns will yet again require the services of Mitchell and his everso expansive mouth.

  3. tinysusieporter says:

    They never told their parents
    that Madeleine had been abducted.
    They said it was a disater
    and she was gone.
    Jane tanner said it could be too late for Madeleine
    but not other children.
    Raechel talked about them knowing how to resuscitate a child
    Kate checked twins to see if they were breathing……
    no one else saw any abduction ,i mean none of the loaclas did only Kate’s family and friends.
    They went to bed till light all of the party did
    and none searched for Madeleine…..but went back to normal life as if nothing had happened
    almost apart from trying to make pots of money.
    no one else would go to bed if they lost a little child,
    nor be laughing and smiling asif almost relieved she was gone forever.

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