Faked Abduction Ships to USA, UK, Portugal, Germany, Spain and Belgium


As promised by the printer, the book arrived on time and has been shipped to the first customers in the USA, UK, Portugal and Germany.

The book itself is a comprehensive 1.5lb “brick”; a 526 page, 103,000 word account of the Madeleine McCann mystery. Faked Abduction is the first English book to take a critical look at the police investigation and the way the media handled the case, without the pro-McCann propaganda that has been prevalent in virtually all British news articles.

Pulling no punches, it examines the British culture of the Establishment cover up. Citing many examples, it is up to date with the latest on the appalling Hollie Greig story.

You can purchase the book directly from this website. As the e-store was simplified, site registration is no longer a requirement.

Presently, Portuguese and German translations are underway. As soon as they have been translated, the book will be offered for sale in those languages. We are anticipating a French edition as well.

Postage rates to the major centers of the world are posted in the online store here: http://fakedabduction.com/store/

If anyone wishes to purchase a book outside those territories, please use the contact form to get in touch and we will let you know the postage rate.

Many thanks to all those who have made a purchase so far.

Keep alive the search for the truth…for Madeleine!

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