The Only English Book to Expose the Madeleine McCann Cover-up

Forensic Samples Destroyed

Portuguese detectives identified a stain on Madeleine's bedspread as semen. They sent the sample to the British Forensic Science Service for a second opinion. The British lab claimed the stain was saliva before they destroyed the bedspread along with other important evidence.

Kate’s Refusal to Answer Questions

Madeleine's mother Kate refused to answer 48 questions when she was eventually made an official defendant or "Arguida". But she didn't plead silence: Kate confirmed that she knew that by not answering questions she would hamper the search for her missing daughter.

Freemason Involvement

An unusually high number of Masonic organisations and individual Freemasons appeared out of nowhere to help the McCanns evade any litigation in connection with the disappearance of their daughter. A London law firm with numerous prominent Masonic clients set up the Madeleine Fund.